Cross platform Mobile Api
Reward your users by providing awards to your tournament winners

Add tournament feature to your mobile app and boost your earnings

Set up prizes & tournaments with a few lines of code in your app and you are good to go

What is Rewarld

Rewarld is a cross platform REST based API that provides mobile developers with the ability to build simple ,robust and customizable leaderboards for tournament competitions.

It provides a combination of S.a.a.S with traditional e-shop. By merging service of tournament's feature (leaderboards) with the delivery of the prizes to the final winner(s) end to end. Without the need of the developer to interfere more than a few clicks for configuration.

It also provides a clean easy web interface for handling & managing your application as well as full access to users ,scores ,leaderboards of your App.

Choose among a big list of prizes or just reward your users with money, configure everything from your account.

Enhance tournament functionality to your game and give your user the motive to play with your app having something more than fun.

Free microsite for each Rewarld app is generated automatically after the creation and configuration of each game. That feature is provided in cooperation with Trophify.com.

Cross platform Support

Download your platform of interest and start coding asap.

Simplicity in usage


As simple as this

Rewarld *rewarld = [[Rewarld alloc] initWithAppId:gameId];


Rewarld rew = new Rewarld(CurrentActivity.this);

Fully documented ,with high customization ability

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The cost of service is a small percentage of the rewards the developer provides to their winners.It is calculated instantly during the definition of the gifts at the configuration process.

The cost also depends on the duration of the tournament and the exact calculation table is described HERE

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